Rationale and reasons of the OWA jury for its decision to choose Mr. Emmanuel and his work for the OWA Award 

Lal Emmanuel and the Nagenahiru Foundation are an impressive example of how synergy can be created by working with a holistic concept on all three pillars of sustainability. Beside the focus on mangrove conservation and lake environment the jury was very impressed by the achievements made to provide sustainable livelihoods through a combination of nature conservation and income generation. Nagenahiru and Lal Emmanuel give a lot of answers and solutions to burning issues of our times like nature conservation, poverty alleviation and climate change.

Mangrove restoration, (lake) water protection, organic farming, introducing alternative solar technology, supporting people to give them economically safe livelihoods and working on a wide range of issues to raise awareness of nature, safeguards continued improvement and the people living around and from the two lakes. All this work has great potential for development and growth and Lal Emmanuel with his diverse and successful project can encourage people to get (more) engaged for an enjoyable, worthwhile future and for peaceful communitybuilding as outlined in the OWA objectives.

Lal Emmanuel und die Nagenahiru Stiftung in Sri Lanka