IFOAM President Andre Leu
Greeting 2014

History and science both tell us that big changes can happen as a result of the actions made by individuals and organizations. The One World Award recognizes people whose vision and activities toward sustainable societies, agriculture, and ecosystems serve as examples and inspiration for others to emulate for the benefit of communities around the world. We honor these people and organizations for their successes, which we value and share as living proof that ideals can become reality.

IFOAM is proud to be a partner and patron of the One World Award again in 2014. We are honored to serve on its distinguished and diverse jury, and are pleased to help bring this year’s winners to greater light, so that more people may benefit by knowing about their works and ideas.

Messages of inspiration, innovation, leadership, hope, and fulfillment 

This year’s VIP award goes to Klaus Toepfer, a leading voice as UNEP Director as well as in the German government. Fred Kirschenmann is the 2014 winner of the One World Lifetime Achievement Award. For decades he has been leading farmer on the ground, a tireless advocate for farmers, and a longtime voice in organic and sustainable agriculture in policy and academic forums.

Our gold prize is shared this time by two winners: Hansalim and Timbaktu. They embody the organizational power of people driven by a spirit of selfdetermination, harmony, and respect for all life.

In a world vastly troubled by a dominant paradigm of agriculture that disregards the biological health of ecosystems, continues to deplete the earth of its resources, and undervalues farming as a way of earning a livelihood, our One World Award winners show there are real alternatives, and that action can and must be taken on many fronts.

The One World Award is a beautiful vehicle for recognizing and bringing messages of inspiration, innovation, leadership, hope, and fulfillment to all communities on our planet. IFOAM applauds all of this year’s One World Award winners. We add our congratulations and thanks to you, along with all those who have already benefited – and will continue to benefit – from your great contribution to society and the earth.

Andre Leu
IFOAM President