IFOAM – Organics International President Andre Leu
Greeting 2017

We love the one world we have, but we are worried about opportunities for future generations. We all know that business as usual is not good for our planet and the people on it. Change is needed and the organic movement facilitates change not only by issuing warnings or through the propagation of good ideas for governments or the private sector. Moreover, the organic movement spearheads development with countless impactful initiatives in real life in all parts of the world. Organic agriculture is present in 170 countries on more than 80 million hectares and consumers purchase organic products for over 75 billion US$.

IFOAM – Organics International is proud to be partner and patron of the ONE WORLD AWARD that highlights, every three years, people and communities that impress and from which we all want to learn. And we want to encourage those who guide us and oftentimes work under very difficult conditions to create an impact in the right direction.

This year’s awards once again are dedicated to extraordinary personalities and initiatives. The Lifetime Achievement Award goes, for the first time to a couple, and for the first time, to Africa. Sue Edwards and Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher have effectively worked within their family and beyond with remote poor communities for instance in Tigray/Ethiopia for the livelihood of women, men and children using organic agriculture methods. They regenerated degraded and impoverished regions into flourishing biodiverse and productive landscapes.

The Grand Prix goes to Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling and to the people of Sikkim. For the first time, a state (the state of Sikkim of the Republic of India in the Himalayas) has achieved the vision of 100% organic agriculture. The United World College – the other Grand Prix winner – in Germany and in India reveals in an amazing way the potential of education in the One World Award values. And also the winners from Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe and Palestine are lighthouses for truly sustainable development in their parts of the world.

IFOAM – Organics International warmly congratulates all the winners expressing at the same time admiration and appreciation on behalf of the organic movement as well as future generations living on this planet.

Andre Leu
IFOAM – Organics International President