In Honour to Sue Edwards

We are deeply moved and sad about the death of Sue Edwards. In September 2017 we had the honor and the pleasure to acknowledge Sue Edwards and her husband Tewolde Berhan with the One World Lifetime Achievement Award for their extraordinary efforts for a better world. Now we learned that the One World Award ceremony was the last time that we saw Sue Edwards in person. Last week she passed away at the age of 75.

Sue Edwards held a doctorate in botany. In 1968 she went to Ethiopia in order to teach at the university. There she also met Tewolde Berhan whom she later married. Together they worked for biodiversity and supported peasants in their struggle for a decent livelihood. Sue encouraged and inspired thousands of people and she lived and shared with them her incredible expertise and knowledge about various aspects of sustainable life and organic cultivation.

Her death grieves us and is a great loss for all who knew her and for the entire organic movement. Her legacy is a sustainably inspired people around the world whose lives she touched in so many positive ways and in in whom she continues to live.
Thank you, dear Sue…

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