Who is behind it all?
Founder, Initiators, Donators

Rapunzel Naturkost
The fact that we all live in one world inspired Joseph Wilhelm, German organic pioneer and Managing Director of Rapunzel, to establish this international award. Rapunzel (“Organics with Love”) was founded 1974 and sources many of its organic and fair trade raw materials worldwide. Inspired by the experience and success of the company’s pioneering “Hand in Hand” fair trade program, Joseph Wilhelm and Rapunzel established the OWA initiative.

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With IFOAM – Organics International, the global umbrella organization of organic agriculture, the OWA has found an ideal partner. IFOAM – Organics International unites 800 membership organizations and institutions in more than 120 countries from around the world (more information: www.ifoam.bio).

The coordinator of the OWA initiative and jury chairman is Bernward Geier (COLABORA – lets work together) who was IFOAM Managing Director for 18 years.

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