One World Award

The Opportunities of Globalization

Globalization seems to have made the world a smaller place; at the same time, there is a growing demand for space and the fear of losing vital resources is increasing. Many people perceive globalization as a global, more or less openly conducted competition at all levels of society. There is, how-ever, also a different way. Globalization can also have positive effects. Global communication networks, worldwide trade and transport routes empower many people to participate in global knowledge and prosperity. The central question therefore is, HOW globalization is implemented ...

The international ONE WORLD WARD (OWA) honors people and their projects that make the world a better place; dedicated people who give positive and innovative examples of globalization - people who make the future worth living 

Objectives of the ONE WORLD AWARD

The objective of the award is based on the three pillars of sustainability: ECOLOGY, ECONOMY and SOCIAL ASPECTS. The ONE WORLD AWARD recognizes people who demonstrate that globalization can indeed be more than the maximization of profits at the cost of the majority of the people around the world. 

The Objectives of the international ONE WORLD AWARD are: 

To promote a globalisation that is not oriented on profit maximisation, but on the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, social aspects, economical welfare 

To recognize outstanding engagement and achievements in providing creative and highly effective solutions in the areas of environment protection and fair livelihoods 

To encourage more involvement for a loveable, liveable future and for peaceful community building