The One World Award 2014

This encouragement award honours extraordinary people for their commitment and actions. The international laureates are activists or pioneers in areas of economy, ecology or social matters. Joseph Wilhelm, an organic food pioneer himself and founder of Rapunzel Naturkost initiated the One World Award in 2008.

Gold: Hansalim Association, South Korea

The biggest community-supported agriculture organization in the world. On 2,000 farms the association produces health food products for 1.6 million people. The product distribution is organized by 21 distributing coops, 180 health food stores and a sophisticated delivery system.

Gold: Timbaktu Collective India

The Timbaktu Collective was founded by Bablu Ganguly and Mary Vattamattam. 200,000 members engage in poverty alleviation, environmental education and organic agriculture. The OWA honors especially the collective’s merits for women’s rights and emancipation.

VIP Award (for Very Impacting People): Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer

The former German Federal Minister of the Environment and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was honored for his decade-long commitment within the organic movement. 

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Lifetime Achievement Award : Fred Kirschenmann

All his life he supported organic farmers at the political and the academic level. The honorary award was handed to him by  IFOAM Executive Director Markus Arbenz.   

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