Criteria: Who can participate? 

The ONE WORLD AWARD criteria provide potential nominees a guideline for assessing if they might qualify for the award. Self-nominations are not accepted. The jury will base their decisions on the evaluation of the various criteria. 

The nominees should be persons engaged in the areas of organic agriculture, food processing and/or trade. The OWA thus recognizes and awards outstanding achievements of individuals who are working in the social context of a community, cooperative, association, company etc. 

The foundation of the selection criteria are the outlined objectives. The award recognizes and promotes outstanding achievements within the context of the three areas of sustainability. Special attention in the selection process will be given to real innovation, role models and role potential that could be up-scaled and “globalized”. 

The selection criteria are loosely defined on purpose in order to allow for a wide and diverse range of nominations to be eligible. The following examples show different areas in which a candidacy is possible. 

Contributions and achievements 

  • Conservation of nature and biodiversity 
  • Improving the practice of organic farming and/or food processing 
  • Contributions to stop climate change (energy conservation or use of renewable energy) 
  • Waste reduction and waste management 
  • Fighting the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMO) 

  • Innovative business models and practice 
  • Fair trade 
  • Creating new jobs / fighting poverty 

  • Community involvement and benefits 
  • Health 
  • Education 
  • Housing 
  • Strengthening women / gender balance 
  • Peaceful living (interreligious, interracial, etc)