The Frey Family from the USA
One World Award Silver 2014

The Frey Family from the USA … is outstanding and impressive in many ways. When Beba and Paul Frey started a Demeter winery in California 34 years ago, their winery was the first organic winery in the entire USA. In the meantime, the farm has developed into a big, multi-generational family farm project. Today, seven of the twelve children of Beba and Paul Frey and 30 family members from two generations work at the farm coordinating the cultivation and marketing of international premium wines and managing the self-sufficient farm – everything in tune with nature and biodynamic cultivation.

A Worldwide Unique Family Farm

Each family member contributes with his or her talent and know-how to the prosperity and success of the Frey enterprise and the family community. Paul Frey, for example, produced the first sulfite-free organic wine of the world while Luke Frey is in charge of the biodynamic preparations and the farm animals. In the vineyards, grain, cereals and potatoes are grown in mixed culture, bees pollinate the grapes. Jersey cows, goats and sheep are fed with home-grown feed.

With all the awareness and the responsibility of the Frey family it is self-evident that their organic wines are produced without any additives.

Three thirds of the farm area is a designated nature preserve providing habitats for numerous plant species and wild animals such as the brown bear and the mountain lion. In addition, the Frey family also supports other nature conservation projects and the family’s commitment for a GMO-free world is remarkable. The Freys have mentored hundreds of young apprentices and interns and passed on their immense agricultural know-how and knowledge in many seminars and workshops.

For decades and way beyond the Demeter movement, the Frey family farm has been an excellent example for economic sustainability, a concerted farming approach and a loving, caring relationship with nature. The farm in all its beauty is a special place where biodiversity is protected and the best of alternative culture is preserved.